Oil Boiler Servicing & Maintenance: What Exactly Do We Do?

Posted on May 28, 2015

Oil boilers require diligent care and attention to ensure that they are functioning correctly. Period. Gas boilers are of course renowned for having strict rules and regulations in place to ensure that they are up to scratch and running safely – but anyone with any knowledge of boiler systems will tell you that the costly damage that can be caused by a faulty oil boiler makes regular servicing “an absolute must” for any building owner, and the laws are as strict as with gas boilers.

The necessity of regular maintenance essentially boils down to oil being an extremely useful but problematic, fuel as it can block pipes easily if not maintained correctly. Therefore seemingly minor issues can quickly escalate into much more serious problems (like breakdowns, blockages or leaks), which are not only stressful and scary (particularly in the case of a leak) in terms of damage to a property – but (most importantly) the failure to fix any combustion issues also threatens the health and safety of the employees or tenants due to a serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Also a poorly set up Oil boiler can use more oil (up to 50% more) if not set up correctly.

Precise Managed Services therefore ensure that boilers are fully serviced (at least) once a year to keep oil boilers operating safely and efficiently up to the high standards of OFTEC, the official trade association for the oil heating industry in the UK and Ireland. Furthermore, these regular checks make sense from a commercial point-of-view for businesses by drastically increases the lifespan of an oil boiler, increasing efficiency, and subsequently lowering fuel bills by up to 50%.

But what oil boiler servicing checks do our fully OFTEC-trained servicemen/women carry out to check that your oil fired boiler is functioning correctly?

Oil Boiler Servicing & Maintenance Checklist

  • Inspection of the oil storage tank, of oil line, filter, fire valve, and the flue for any signs of wear and tear.
  • Cleaning of heat exchanger, combustion chamber, and photo cell, again resolving any issues.
  • Replacing any seals that appear to be worn, making adjustments to electrodes, and changing oil nozzles (which usually start blocking up after 12 months).
  • Ensuring that the fan & motor are functioning correctly.
  • Servicing the oil pump and the flexible oil line.
  • Check that the boiler’s oil pressure has been set correctly.
  • Report on the boiler’s energy efficiency.
  • Testing the cleanliness of the boiler’s combustion process, both smoke and pressure are monitored.
  • Completion of full-service report for your records.

Oil boilers can be a major handful if not regularly monitored and correctly maintained, so get in contact with Precise Managed Services if you’d like us to ensure that your boiler runs efficiently and safely with a specialist qualified team managing its performance, allowing you to focus your energy into something much more important…the running of your business or your house!

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