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What is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is the means of keeping the level of energy consumption down within a business, saving money by keeping energy bills down to a minimum. In the simplest terms, the term “energy efficiency” is effectively used as a way to quickly describe the process to successfully reduce the amount of energy required for an organization or commercial premises to produce their specialist products and services.

At Precise we provide clients with a no nonsense FREE consultation to assess how they could save money on their existing heating bills. For example, in our experience, businesses often use high heat lighting, resulting in air conditioning that doesn’t function properly, and is therefore not running to its full potential. These energy issues can be extremely costly for businesses, but can be avoided via energy efficiency measures.

But what can be done to improve energy efficiency in commercial premises?

Energy Efficiency Options

LED Lighting

Switching to LED lighting makes financial sense. We can audit a premises and calculate your lighting energy consumption, then put together a proposal to replace your original lighting with new LED lighting which saves up to 90% on normal office lighting. We can supply the lights and also install the lights. We will then show the savings in power consumption over the next few years including the pay back period on the initial investment.

Air Conditioning Heat Pumps

The new Inverter driven heat recovery Air Conditioning heating and cooling systems save up to 50% in energy on conventional Air Conditioning systems and can save up to 60% on Gas or Oil fired wet (Radiator) type heating systems. Precise can supply and install all types of Air Conditioning systems from a single unit to a full building multiple unit project.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

In line with the carbon trust guidelines Precise can undertake an energy consultation visit where energy savings are identified and an action plan put into place to reduce any company’s carbon footprint thus reducing fines, taxes and also energy bills

Smart Controls

The new range of smart controls can allow you to control your heating by Application or even by phone. Our range of smart controls will save money and time in controlling your heating and cooling systems.

We provide a FREE consultation to discover how your commercial property could cut costs via energy efficiency.

Get in contact with Precise Managed Services on 01527 503 333 if you’d like to discuss commercial energy audits with one of our Energy Management Consultants.