Business Fire Risk Assessment & Fire Safety Training

What is a Business Fire Risk Assessment?

If you have 5 employees or more, you must have a Fire Risk Assessment carried out at your premises by law, even if most of the staff are not based at your premises you still have to have a Fire Risk Assessment. A fire risk assessment is essentially an audit of a building to assess any possible fire risks, Fire protection and solutions to keep your premises safe for all employees and visitors. The Assessment will give advice and guidance on improvements required and also asses your emergency escape procedure and plans. Even if you have a Fire Risk assessment it may be out of date if any changes at all have been made or it may have been undertaken by an unqualified person (in the event of a Fire a Fire Risk Assessment which is incorrect or misleading could lead to a prison sentence).

Fire Risk Assessments should be audited at least annually by a competent person and should be undertaken by a qualified assessor.

Precise’s Business Fire Risk Assessment Services

Our fully qualified staff are trained by the Fire Protection Association and can conduct Fire Risk Assessments giving advice on actions needed and any training issues that need to be resolved to make sure that your business is allowed to operate in the UK.

A business is required to fulfil the following basic fire safety requirements to ensure a safe work environment:

  • Carry out Fire Risk Assessments and review them regularly at least annually.
  • Informing staff of any risks identified.
  • Implement appropriate fire safety measures.
  • Have appropriate fire protection in place and make sure they are maintained to current regulations and standards
  • Put together a written action plan for emergencies and assess peoples risks on an individual basis .
  • Provide employees with fire safety training and information.

Fire Safety Training

Our comprehensive fire safety training programme ensures that all employees are aware of the safety protocols required in the event of a fire. Furthermore, we also run fire drills, compile fire safety handbooks for staff to consult whenever fire safety information is required, as well as a logbook with full records of each inspection.

Precise Managed Services also undertake site based Fire Warden training which includes fire awareness and prevention as well as emergency evacuation procedures, the trained Fire Wardens are trained to prevent possible fires using inspection techniques and regular site audits.

Fire Protection Systems

Precise Managed Services, are a BAFE registered company and maintain all types of Fire Protection systems, ensuring that a building is well prepared to deal promptly in the event of a fire. A good protection system can be the difference in a small fire with minimal damage turning into a large fire that can decimate an entire business and possibly cost lives. Swift evacuation of a building is critical in saving lives and a good well maintained fire alarm system is at the heart of this.